We are continuously spending thoughts which type of events could be interesting for mediators as well as for interested non-mediators. In case there is any particular topic you would be interested in, or in case you have additional ideas, which activities of the Life Science Practice Group could be useful for you, please don`t hesitate to contact us and let us know.

10th Roundtable on B2B Mediation – „Where are we heading to resolve disputes in the future“
18th May 2022, Zürich

Join the discussion on 18th May 2022 in Zürich about the resolution of commercial disputes via mediation (you can register under that link). A BIG THANK YOU to James T. Peter and Daniel Girsberger for organizing this event. We are sure that this will be a very interesting discussion, given the broad range of experience of the panel members from different industries: Hans-Peter Dürr (Head of Contracts and Risks, ABB Switzerland), Philipp Horber (Senior Legal Counsel, Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland), Sandra Werlen (Lead Lawyer, Siemens Schweiz AG) and Dr. Stefan Ibing (Head of Legal CEE Pharma, Novartis).

SCCM-internal „kick off call“ Life Science Practice Group
8th November 2021, VC

On 8th November 2021, we hosted the SCCM-internal „kick off call“ of the newly created Life Science Practice Group. In an internal video-conference of SCCM members who are interested in life science mediation, we collected additional ideas and feedback which acitivites of the Life Science Practice Group could be interesting for SCCM members.

Overview Presentation „B2B Mediation im Vertriebskontext – ein Muss?“
23rd September 2021, Zürich

On 23rd September 2021, Julia Jung and Dr. Stefan Ibing were invited by the lawyer-network of to hold an interactive presentation about business-to-business mediation in front of inhouse counsels from various companies (e.g. Migros, Zurich, Tillotts Pharma, TONI Digital, Capri Sun, Delica, Coca-Cola, etc.). We had a very interactive discussion about „B2B Mediation im Vertriebskontext“ (B2B mediation in the context of distribution). Many thanks for the invitation and the great discussion! We were impressed that most of the participants shared our opinion that mediation should be used much more as a tool for resolving commercial disputes outside of litigation/ arbitration.